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Dance has no age, shape, race or gender limitations. Neither should dancewear. 
Só Dança knows a size inclusive line is not just about making bigger sizes, it’s about flattering the body’s curves in styles that hold where it’s needed and flaunt the gorgeous lines that nature blessed us with. 

This doesn’t mean that style should be compromised.This latest collection has been lovingly created by our designers through looking at the shapes of a mature body to incite confidence and prove that there are no longer boundaries with dancewear.
Together we have curated styles that work with, not against, a body with curves. Our dancewear also fits well on those with fewer curves, or curves in different places.

The goal is to normalize dancewear for the curvier as well as for the mature recreational dancer. An over40-year old mom with curves can also look fabulous in our apparel. 

Having stylish dancewear for everyone’s size has been an intentional and beautiful project.
Beautiful, empowering and curvy girl tested.

Embrace your shape.
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